What we really do ?

Embeded Studio is an electronics retailer in Lahore, Pakistan. It sells all the hardware products to make your Project Successful. All products designed and produced by Embeded Studio are released as open-source hardware.

Our Vision

To provide the best products to the best customers, serve the best.

History of Beginning

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What We Can Do For You ?

Support 24/7

Our Staff is always there, What you want, our customer care is always help to get what is best for you and tells you the best products what we have and what you want.

The Embeded team are very professional, we have good communication and engagement with the team who are able to demonstrate a strong mix of life science application and software technical knowledge. This balance has delivered value in practice, allowing teams to get up to speed with our projects efficiently, and deliver on commitments without the need for constant supervision.”
Mazhar Mehmood
We wish to congratulate you on your excellent product Raspberry Pi . Unfortunately it was not our first choice. It was however, our final and best choice. We had a very bad experience with one of your competitors. Your product truly exceeded our expectations. We actually had it working on the first day, and this exceeded our expectations by about 4 days. The support coming from support was excellent
Tahir Kamal
Triak Enterprise